A Nurturing Environment 


Safety is Number One. Without physical and emotional safety, positive learning cannot take place. As well as providing a nurturing and caring, highly supportive social environment, we provide state of the art facilities:

  • Clean Well-Kept Environment 
  • Large C.S.A. Approved Playground                                                                                                    
  • Active Health and Safety Committee  
  • Lunchroom Supervision of Small Groups
  • Camera Surveillance of Playgrounds and Breezeway
  • Fenced-in Casa and Toddler Playgrounds 
  • Soft-surface playground for Toddlers
  • Seat Belts on School Buses (except contracted vehicles)
  • Well-Documented Policies and Procedures Manual for all Staff 
  • Safety Policies in place e.g. Epi-Pen
  • Staff Required to Maintain Current First Aid Training
  • Safety Training Given as Required 


  • Controlled Access to Facility
  • Lanyard/passcard identification of family members
  • Video Surveillance of Facilities
  • Criminal Record Searches Required for Staff and Parent Volunteers
  • All Casa and Toddler Classrooms Visible Each to Another                                                  
  • Playground Supervision
  • All Computers Password Protected


  • Open Door Policy with Administration including Principal and Vice-Principals
  • E-Mail and Voice Mail for all Staff including Administration
  • School Website, Blog site, Facebook page, Twitter and Vimeo video accounts. 
  • Take-Home Agendas for all Students above Grade Two
  • In-School Screens regularly show school events
  • Interviews Scheduled Regularly and Available upon Request
  • Detailed Report Cards

The School Itself

  • Bright, Clean Environment
  • Dedicated Staff
  • Knowledgeable Administration
  • Multi-Cultural Staff and Student Body
  • Leading Edge Computer Technology and Full-Time IT Personnel
  • Fully-secured Facility
  • Canada’s longest CCMA (Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators) accredited school
  • Stated Discipline Policy
  • Child-Abuse Policy
  • Extra Help available to students at no additional charge
  • All Text-Books Provided (except Music)
  • All Field Trips and Outdoor Education Provided at no additional charge
  • Examinations from Grade Seven
  • Before and After School Care Available (crafts, sports, homework room)
  • French Begins with Toddlers
  • Riggs Phonics Program
  • Blended Style and Structure Writing Program
  • Standardized Testing (from Grade One)
  • Fully-Equipped, Well Maintained Library with over 30 000 titles
  • Professional Learning Library of 1500 titles
  • Parent Lending Library
  • Reading is a Priority - DEAR (Drop Everything and Read ) Program
  • Well-Recognized Private Swim Program for Full-Day children age 4 and up
  • Wireless and wired Internet Access
  • Computer Training for Students from Grade Four
  • Fully Functional computers in all classrooms
  • Upper School Students (Grade Six and up) participate in an International Excursion every May
  • Grade 4 and 5 students participate in an intercity excursion within Canada
  • All students from Grade One to Grade Eight participate in Outdoor Education.
  • School Administration includes a Leadership Team to Guide the School
  • Professional Development Available for all Staff
  • Loving Teachers who Truly Care for Children
  • Extra-Curricular Sports Programs
  • Specialized Art, Music, Library, Computer, French, Science and Gym Programs
  • Student Leadership Team includes Prefects and Mentors

The Community of Tall Pines School 

  • School Picnic
  • Parent Education                                                                                                                       
  • Programs for Parent Interest
  • Involved in Local Community
  • Parental Involvement in School Activities
  • Prefect, Mentors and Student Leadership Team
  • Annual School Musical Production
  • Choir and  Band

Extra-Curricular Programs (Vary from time to time, extra cost)

  • Chess Program
  • Center Stage Drama Program
  • Private Music Lessons
  • Children's Technology Workshops
  • Participation in Small Schools Athletic Federation events
  • Dance Classes