Tall Pines School Waiting List Policy


The following are the guidelines that Tall Pines School follows in respect to allocating spaces in the school, where there are more applicants than available spaces.

1.     Current Students and Students who were enrolled in the school during the previous year

2.     Applicants who are siblings of students currently enrolled

3.     Applicants who are extended family members of currently enrolled students

4.     Applicants who have been on our waiting list

5.     Applicants from the general public


Waiting List guidelines:

There is no charge to parents/applicants for being on the waiting list.

Once a student’s name is placed on the waiting list, there is no obligation to register for a spot, should one be offered by the school.

There are many factors that are involved in determining who receives a spot in the school.

Where there are more applicants than spaces available, the school keeps a waiting list.

Where there are applicants on the waiting list, they will be offered spaces when openings arise, and where the age and sex of the child corresponds to the needs of the classroom where they will be placed.

We aim to balance our classes for age and gender.  For this reason, openings are not necessarily offered to the first name on our waiting list, however, we do aim to offer available spaces in a way which is as fair as possible.