Tuition Fees vary according to the payment plan selected. There are Advance, Term and Monthly plans.

**Please note:
Tuition fees at Tall Pines School INCLUDE many items, (where applicable) including day field trips, swimming, skiing, textbooks & workbooks, technology fees, outdoor education camping trips, and leadership development.  Please check with our Registrar to see what will be included with tuition for your child's program.  Not included in Tuition are: uniforms, musical instruments, laptop or notebook computers, and inter-city and international overnight excursions.

For the 2019-2020 school year, the fees are as follows:

Montessori Early Years Program (Full Day Programs Only) - Infant/Prima Casa (Previously Toddler) -  (9 months to 3 years): $18,877 to $20,744 depending on the payment plan selected. (Includes catered meals and snacks) ***This is a year round program.

Full Day Montessori Casa (Ages 3 and 6 years): $14,330 to $15,750  ***This program runs September - June.  

Montessori Lower Elementary or Grade 3: (Ages 6 to 9 years): $14,715 to $16,170
Montessori Upper Elementary or Grades 4-6: (Ages 9 to 12 years): $15,797 to $17,360

The Zone (Grades 7 & 8): (Age 12-14 years): $17,536 to $19,270

A Commitment Fee of $1100 is paid upon registration to reserve your child's spot. This fee is a portion of the Annual Tuition fee. The balance of the annual fee is paid either in advance, by term or monthly.

Extended Care and School Busing are also available, at additional cost.
Summer Programs are available on a weekly basis during July and August.

Fee discounts (10% for the second child enrolled, 15% for the third and subsequent child) are available where there is more than one child in a family being registered in the school. 
A referral credit of $350 is available should you refer another family that registers a child in our school. Please speak with our Registrar if this may apply to your family.

Tall Pines School's detailed fee schedule is available upon request.  Please call our Registrar (905 458 6770, ext 228) for further information and to determine which program is right for your child.

For parents who have already registered their child for a program at Tall Pines School, payments may be made by personal cheque, bank draft, and money order and in person using Visa, Mastercard, or Interact.