More on Wrigley Field

I feel I haven't accurately presented the experience of the Wrigley Field ballpark today, so here's a quick bonus post.

We saw it all today. Our tour took us through the bleachers in the outfield, the press box high above the ballpark, the visiting team's clubhouse (don't call it a locker room or change room) which is the only room still in use today that the great Jackie Robinson used to get ready for his games against the Cubs, and finally we had a chance to "chillax" in the Cubs' very own dugout!

We were treated to many stories about the park, including Babe Ruth's famous called shot home run, and about how the team hasn't won a World Series in a century. Coming from Toronto, it was easy to relate to, and empathize with, a team that has gone decades without winning a championship. (Go Leafs Go!)

Big day tomorrow - we have a gangster tour of Chicago, an improv workshop at the Second City, the observation deck of the John Hancock Building, and a concert by the world renowned Blue Man Group! Can't wait!