Grade Eight Expedition

We have spent the last two days at Camp Walden and we are now on our way to Algonquin Park!  Walden was a great place for our pre-expedition prep, where the students engaged in various actives including portaging, canoeing (and learning the infamous T-rescue), learning to properly pack for a trip of this magnitude, as well as firebuilding, and two great swimming opportunities!  The students are in great spirits, with a lot more excitement for what lays ahead than anxiety. We leave the worrying for the parents at home!  The rain hasn't been too terrible, and we've been well sheltered any time it has come down. Hopefully we've already seen the worst of it.  We are now at our final stop in Barry's Bay picking up some last minute supplies (fresh food and the like) before heading to the park.  Our drop off point is Cache Lake, and we'll be camping out tonight in Head Lake.   See you all on Sunday!