Camp Walden - Day Four (Last Morning)

And the rain came down...yep, it arrived last night, just as we were finishing up our camp fire and continued right through until 9:00 this morning.   Not so bad really.  If it going to rain, might as well be while we are sleeping. 


Yesterday was an epic day.  The 6's finished off their overnight by hosting a lunch for the Grade 5's / Level 5's.   The 4's enjoyed a crazy morning of swimming and castle building on the beach.   The afternoon was all about the sports, with a massive soccer game and several competitive tennis matches.


We surprised the kids with a dance party in the evening before Benjie lead them on a fantastic song-a-long at the fire.   


This morning is about packing and cooperative games.   Wait - what has just's the bus...a little early, we don't leave until after a BBQ lunch but at least one of the buses is on time. 


Watch here for updates as to our arrival at Tall Pines this afternoon.