Camp Walden

The students have successfully completed their first major challenge: getting through the first night. We've had some rain, some heat and humidity, some cold wind... It's really interesting thag it feels like we've had all four seasons here in a 24 hour period!

Yesterday, we settled into our cabins, did a swimming proficiency test, and reviewed/practiced canoeing and tent set up. These skills will serve us well in the coming days I'm sure.

Meals so far:

Lunch yesterday: grilled cheese (salad was an optional side, so I hear)

Dinner last night: burgers on the BBQ (really good! Salad was also available too)

Breakfast today: pancakes! Yes! The Walden kitchen staff also provides a plethora of other options, including hard boiled eggs, cereal, and oatmeal!

So, today we're going through some rotations of camp activities...a little bit of that fire building, some rope balance activity, packing the dry sacks, and there will even be some time for sports!

Alright, let's get this party started!