Day One - Grade 4-6 at Camp Walden

Today has been glorious.  The students arrived just before 12, so they all headed off for lunch immediately.  After lunch, it was time to find their cabin and get themselves organized.  The afternoon was packed with activities from swimming, to canoeing for the Grade 6/Level 6 group, to team games, to just some time to play and burn off some energy.  Tonight the students broke off into groups and did some goal setting for the week.  With a game of capture the flag to end the evening.  We're (the staff) hoping the energy levels will be down to a less frantic pace before bed.


In past years, I've been able to post some pics.  The internet is extremely slow at camp this year and I can't guarantee any pics.  That doesn't mean there aren't any, you may just have to wait to see them when we are back.  Your children having a great time and the smiles and laughing are constant.  I'll see how the internet is tomorrow.  If it is any faster, I'll try and get some pics up.