Polar Expressions Publishing National Student Short Story Contest.

Thanks to all our budding authors who participated in the Polar Expressions Publishing National Student Short Story Contest.
As a school, Tall Pines submitted 77 entries to the contest in March. Thousands of entries from across Canada were submitted, and I am so proud to announce that 40 entries have successfully made it through the first round of judging.  An incredible accomplishment!
The publisher, Polar Expressions will be sending each winner an individual letter of congratulations, certificate, order form, and typeset proof sheet by the first week of June to the home address provided on the entry form. If students return the proof sheet with permission signatures by June 30th they will be published and move forward to the final round of the competition to possibly win other prizes for themselves and/or the school. Winners for bonus prizes will be announced and prizes will be awarded in October 2015. Books will be shipped in early October. Parents are not obligated to purchase anything.
The intent of this contest is to provide opportunities for our students to showcase their creativity and compare it with peers across Canada. As a school we are very committed to promoting literacy, encouraging daily writing, and  inspiring a lifelong love of prose.
Mrs. V. Lawrence
Language Specialist
Tall Pines School