Eric Walters at TPS!

Eric Walters is truly a Canadian writing legend. A former teacher and social worker, Mr. Walters took up writing for his students. Since then, he has published over 97 books!

Today at TPS, we were honored to host Mr. Walters. He spoke to the students about his experiences, which are numerous and filled with profound knowledge and incredible adventure. From walking across the Sahara Desert to using streets in Mississauga as a setting for his fastest selling book, the Rule of Three, Mr. Walters captivated the students and teachers in an incredible presentation and book signing.

Mr. Walters is the recipient of many awards for his books, but what he really values is his orphanage for children in Kenya operated by his humanitarian organization Creation of Hope (

"It costs $150 per day to run an orphanage in Kenya, in Kenya, not from some downtown office in Toronto," Mr.Walters said.

Mr. Walters is inspirational on so many levels it is difficult to see him leave the school. He is teacher, a scholar, a prolific author, champion of social justice, and a tireless humanitarian! We were lucky to have him join us today.

Grades 4-6 Visit With Eric Walters

Today our class had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Eric Walters; a real Canadian author! He began his presentation by sharing with us some of the features of his life which he believes are more important than being a writer of children's books. It was really inspiring to hear him talk about his charitable foundation, Creation of Hope, which he has established in Kenya.

He than introduced us to his books and demonstrated how he begins to develop his characters. Ethan kindly volunteered and Mr. Walters quickly outlined how he would look and behave as a book character. His observations were amazingly accurate as 'E Dog' was brought to life in front of us.

Mr. Walters also shared some of his inspirations for his book settings and events and it has added an extra element of interest to discover that most of his ideas come from real people, events and/or places.

At the end of the presentation, we had the opportunity to buy some of his books and Mr. Walters was kind enough to autograph each book. What an unbelievably cool experience, to have a personal message and an autographed book from one of Canada's most iconic authors!

A Donation

Tall Pines School made Donation of $1000 to Eric's Orphanage.  The Donation went towards the school at the Orphanage.  Our donation will cover the entire cost of running the Orphanage for 10 day for all 55 children.  This includes schooling, food, utilities, routine medical care, salaries for all the workers and clothing.  Made possible by students and staff of Tall Pines School.