Grades 1-3 Poetry at Tall Pines School

It's that time of the year again.  It's poetry time.  April is Poetry month and throughout the school students write and present their poetry.  For the students in Grades 1-3 though it is a time for some Annual competition.  The students memorize and prepare a poem to present in front of their class and possibly in front of the rest of their peer group.  This year 13 students from Grades 1-3 presented their poems.

Harleen presented "Snowball" by: Shel Silversteen

Talya presented  "My Bunny Lies Over My Doggy" by: Kenn Nesbitt

Mustafa presented "I set My Car on Fire" by: Mustafa Khan.

 Aliyah presented "Bullying" by: Aliyah Ali.

Sharan presented "Dream" by Langston Hughes.

Sai presented "I Love Myself" by: Jai Michael Josepth, Edited by Sai Anna Patel.

Maud presented "My Mother Does My Homework" By: Kenn Nesbitt.

Ziyaan presented "Superhero" by his dad.

 Jeeya presented "I Tried To Take a Selfie" by: Kenn Nesbitt.

Aaron presented "I Made a Noise This Morning" by: Jack Prelusky.

Vamika presented "My Hamster Has a Skateboard" by: Ken Nesbitt

Beckett presented "My Tree" by: Unknown. 

Ria presented "My Brother" by: Ria

Three Grade 8's (Sierra, Bir Fateh, and Nyah) and one Grade 7 (Michael) also presented their poems, which they wrote this past month.    It was a fantastic morning and thank you to all the parents who made time in their busy days to come out.  It is always better with you there.