Pink Shirt Day:  TPS Stands United Against Bullying!

Pink Shirt Day started in 2007 when David Shepherd and Travis Price of Nova Scotia bought and distributed 50 pink shirts after a grade nine student, Charles McNeill, was bullied for wearing a pink shirt on the first day of school.  The word spread, and the next day hundreds of students wore pink, standing united with Charles. 

It has since become a phenomenon, spreading across the country, and February 25 has become officially recognized as a day of anti-bullying. 

We honoured that idea here at the school with our annual anti-bullying assembly, filled with a number of events and acts of kindness and charity. 

Mrs. Swail and the Zone's Jasmine began the assembly by cutting off ten inches of their hair for wigs to donate to cancer patients who, due to chemotherapy treatments, have lost their hair in their battle against cancer.

Immediately afterwards, Isabela from Upper Elementary, was inspired by the events on stage and offered up her own hair in a moving display that touched everyone in attendance!

Errol Lee, a increble singer/songwriter and author, took to the stage immediately afterwards engaged the students with music, love, and the message of making the world a better place. A truly inspiration performer who's impact upon the students is unmeasureable.