The Forest of Reading Program

The Forest of Reading Program is at full swing at Tall Pines School!! This program is a highly popular provincial recreational reading program for students in grades 1 to 8. Reading is always a high profile activity at our school but this voluntary reading program is something extra special. We are participating in three programs in the Forest of Reading, a project of the Ontario Library Association, each planned for a different age group. All three programs are designed to promote reading for enjoyment, to increase awareness of quality Canadian literature, and to provide opportunities to engage children in discussions about books at school and at home. Last year a total of 250,000 readers in Ontario read and voted for the best book in each category. To qualify to vote in April, at least five of the ten nominated books on the shortlist must be read.

In addition to borrowing these books from the classroom, we encourage you to visit your public library or you may wish to purchase some of the titles from your local bookstore for your own library.

Common sense tells us, and research confirms, that the more a student reads the greater the academic success. In addition, the development of a lifelong habit of reading enriches life. Let’s get reading Tall Pines School!!

Vetta Lawrence

Language Specialist