U14 Girls Semi-Final Basketball Playoff

In the regular season game they beat us by 17 points and the game was not even really that close.  But this was playoffs and on any given day in a one game playoff, both teams have the same chance to win. 

Our girls came out strong and the crowd was in it.  We went back and forth for the first half and were down by only 4 points at half.  And then the third quarter happened, for those of us who were there it was 20 min of basketball we won't soon forget.  From Miss Taylor running up and down the sidelines to the crowd chanting "DE----FENSE" on every possession it was easily one of the most memorable basketball/sporting events ever at our school.  At the end of the third quarter we were up 18-15 and rolling.  But it wasn't to be, they're size and strength wore our girls down and we ended up losing by 8.  Congratulations girls on an amazing season and thanks for tonight's memories.