Expedition - Day 2

All is well at Camp Walden.  The students spent part of the day on the water canoeing and learning some rescue skills.  The rest of the morning was spent fire-building.  Lunch was great!  Smiles all around.  The students packed their dry sacks and are ready for their Canoe Trip tomorrow.  Here is an update from a few of our students...


"Today we learned how to T rescue and tipa  boat.  We also learned how to build a fire and the things you need to make it.  I am loving the Expedition so far and it's a great lifetime experience.  I'm learning a lot of new things that I never knew."

- Ayla


"This trip is nothing like I've ever done before!  We have learned how to T rescue, like a fire and tip a canoe.  I'm glad to be sharing my experience with my friends and teachers.  So far this trip is amazing.  I'm excited for what's to come!"

- Jasmine


"This trip was qa lot of fun.  The food has been great.  We all had a lot of fun so far.  Today we learned how to light a fire and canoe.  We tipped the canoes and the lake was surprisingly warm today.  Overall this trip was a lot of fun and I hope to do it again."

- Nikhil


"This trip at Walden is so much fun.  Everybody is having a blast.  The most fun thing at Walden was the boat tipping.  The food is also good, and in the cabins it is comfortable.  I will enjoy the rest of the trip and learn."

- Alamjot


"This trip is really fun and I am having the best camping trip of my life.  My favourite thing at Walden so far was probably making a fire.  The only thing this camp is missing is a better bunk.  I hope this camp will teach me how to be a leader and to also make friends :)."

- Nicholas


"The expedition has been so much fun.  I have met so many new friends.  We have learned to build fires, canoe and so much more.  I'm so excited to continue this trip.  This has been such a memorable experience.  I have had so much fun and learned so many interesting things."

- Nikki


"The camping trip is fantastic and really fun.  We swam in the lake and learned/reviewed how to canoe.  We built campfires and worked as a team, and I have met so many new people!  I learned many new and fascinating things!  I would love to do this trip again!

- Arina


"The Expedition is absolutely amazing, it is so much better than a normal first week of school.  Our instructors taught us about canoeing, building camp fires and many other important things about camping.  I've had a blast so far and met so many wonderful people.  This trip is truly great for bonding and learning leadership skills.  I hope to do something similar sometime in the future."

- Grace


"The Expedition has taught me many exciting and wonderful things.  I have learned how to make a fire with my friends.  We were not the first to finish but we had the largest fire.  Everyone enjoyed swimming in the lake.  We learned different strokes we could use and how to get back up if our canoetipped.  We all had a blast together and we all want to share this journey together again."

- Prabhnoor