A cold but amazing third day...

What a day!!!!  It was a cold but beautiful fall day here at camp.  The sun was shining all day and as the kids warmed up the smiles came out.  It was a slow start to the day as everyone  gradually warmed up from a very cold night.  The grade 4's  and 5's spent the morning playing co-operative games and then everyone had a choice of activities, from arts and crafts to sports and archery. 

The grade 6 and level 6 students enjoyed a morning of co-operative games and sitting around the camp fire. 

This afternoon the grade 5 and level 5 students hiked over to visit the grade 6 and level 6 students at their campsite.  When we arrived there was a cheer from both groups and we spent the afternoon just enjoying each others company, roasting marshmallows and playing mind games with each other.

Tonight is the Talent Show.  The students are so excited.