First Day at Camp Walden for Grades 4-6

Well, a beautiful day is coming to a close.  It was an incredible day with the sun shining bright and a wonderful Fall temperature of 15 degrees Celsius.  The students are having a blast.  Some of the activities today were low ropes and group initiatives (like the famous spider web).  Dinner was a feast of Chinese food (from chicken balls to noodles to vegetable stir fry to cream of broccoli soup and a home made warm oatmeal chocolate chip cookie for dessert).  One thing that is sure is that no one goes hungry here, there is lots of food to suit everyone's tastes.

Tonight we are getting together for a large group campfire with a traditional sing along and some very funny instructors. 

The internet connection is extremely slow up here.  Tomorrow morning I will try and upload a few photos.  To all the parents repeatedly calling the school for updates. This is where to find out all the information about the activities and goings on here.  Also know that the students are extremely happy and if there was any kind of problem we would call you immediately.  Please rest easy knowing your child is happy and among friends.  Until tomorrow....good night everyone.