New Bus Procedures....

If  your child is on the bus this year, we would like to inform you about some new procedures for our school bus transportation service.

 As you know, there has been new legislation enacted to deal with the issue of drivers distracted by cell phones and other issues, while behind the wheel of a vehicle. It is to ensure everyone’s safety that drivers do not use electronic devices for any reason while operating a vehicle.

Therefore, our bus drivers cannot be contacted via phone while they are on their route.


Should you need to let the bus driver know that your child will not be on the bus, please call our transportation coordinator, Ms. Pam Barnwell, at 416 706 0449, from 6:00 to 7:00 a.m.  Drivers will be given the message before they leave on their route. Please note that Ms. Barnwell’s phone will only be turned on for such calls from 6 to 7 a.m.  If your child will not need the bus in the afternoon, please call the school office to inform the staff there.


We will also not be able to make occasional changes to established pickup or drop off locations. Routes have been established and we do not have time available in the schedule to divert a bus. However, should we find that there are construction delays or road safety issues that affect our buses, we reserve the right to make appropriate changes.


At every stop, there is a two minute window after the bus has honked, for a child to come out to board the bus. If the child has not appeared, the bus will continue, since there are other students later in the route who are waiting. The bus drivers will not have the ability to call into the house to locate a missing student.


When the weather is inclement, please check our website. If buses are cancelled, or school is closed, a notice will be posted by 6:30 a.m.  If Peel District School Board has cancelled their buses, then our buses are also cancelled.


Please also remember that Casa students must be brought to and from the bus by an adult.

Thanks to everyone for helping the bus services run smoothly and efficiently.