Kiss and Ride

            Re: Kiss and Ride for Students in Grade 4 to 8

As a way of avoiding major congestion in our parking lot, we would like to invite all families with students from Grade 4 to 8 to use our Kiss and Ride pickup and drop off. We would appreciate parking spaces being free to be used by families of our younger students who need to be supervised to and from class.

The Kiss and Ride works like this:

Cars drive around the building to the rear breezeway entrance. It is open both before and after school. In the morning, you simply drop off your child at the back entrance to the school.

For evening pickup, it is a little different. We have issued every family a card with a number on it. Students memorize that number. You display that card in your car window at the entrance to the school driveway (beside the front door to the school). You then drive around to the rear entrance to the school. That car number is called over our PA system, and the child(ren) you are picking up come to the rear breezeway door to meet your vehicle when they hear their number being called. The system is very effective and allows everyone to leave the school grounds quickly and efficiently at the end of the day.

Of course, if you have other business in the school, you are very welcome to park and come in.

If you do not have your car number card for your car, please call the office and we will arrange for another to be sent home for you. Please help your child learn their car number to avoid delays in the pickup line.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



The Tall Pines School Leadership Team