Communication with your Child's Teacher...

Re: Communicating with your child’s teacher

Thanks to everyone for a very smooth transition into the new school year.

As the students adjust to their new classrooms, we would like to remind everyone that teachers are not available to discuss your child’s progress at the classroom door. The time before and after school is the teacher’s valuable preparation time, required to enable the lessons to run smoothly.

We welcome parents and guardians to make appointments with the teachers to discuss their student’s progress. That way, there is time allotted and no-one feels rushed. Consider also, your child’s confidentiality may be at risk where others may be waiting within earshot.

We have provided email addresses and voice mail telephone extension numbers for you to contact our teachers and enable regular and easy communications. We are your partners in the education of your child, and ample contact is essential. Please make use of the ways to communicate. We are here to help.

If you should need your teacher’s contact information again, please call the office and they will be happy to provide it to you.




The Tall Pines School Leadership Team.