Washington - We've Crossed the Border!

There's no place like home.


I've always just felt different (and better) the second I'm back in Canada. It just feels really nice.

I snapped a pic of the customs stations. Is that even allowed?

We just crossed at the Queenstown-Lewiston bridge, hit customs, and paid the toll. We're going to be hitting up the QEW and 400 series highways and making tracks for Brampton.

As such, this will likely be my final post of the trip, and although I kind of concluded it last post, I'm going to do it again, because I can.

I loved the trip. I loved hanging out with the students, especially when it's not just all about lessons and assignments and marks and all that... they're truly a special group. Immature at times? Sure. But so am I.

But when it counts, when it really matters, they have it - grace, courtesy, responsibility, morality, and courage. You've all done an amazing job with them.

In fact, give them Monday off. Treat it like a long weekend.

See you at 11:30.