Washington - Trip Highlights quotes and More Selfies

It looks like the Spy Museum was the most popular event among the students..but a varied series of responses nevertheless.  Totally seems like there was something for everyone.


"Shopping"  - Sahil

"The White House" - Humraj

"The Orioles game (Tigers won) and the Spy Museum" - Kira

"Spy Museum - James Bond exhibit" - Jasmine 

"Crime and Punishment Museum" - Salena

"The Improv Show" - Celeste 

"Arlington Cemetery and the Spy Museum" - Ayla

"The Spy Museum and Improve Show" - Carly

"Baseball game." - Nicholas 

"Bowling and partying in room" - Sukhman

"The Lincoln Memorial and bowling" - Shyamika 

"The Spy Museum" - Sharon

"Bowling" - Michael D. 

"Bowling" - Liam

"Air and Space Museum" - Owen

"Air and Space Museum" - Nikhil 

"Air and Space Museum" - Alamjot 

"Spy Museum" - Christopher 

"Spy Museum" - Cameron

"Spy Museum" - Ethan 

"Improv Show" - Michael P. 

"Baseball game" - Prabhnoor 

"Spy Museum" - Nour 

"The Orioles game" - Robbie 

"Bowling" - Gursimer 

"Spy Museum" - Johnathan 

"Spy Museum" - Vrushabh 

"Spy Museum" - Harman 

"Shopping" - Stephanie

"Spy Museum" - Amita 

"Baseball game" - Uthithan 

"Spy Museum" - Akash 

"Spy Museum" -  Dylan

"Spy Museum" - Matteo

"Improv show" - Brayden

"Baseball game" - Eknoor 

"Improv show and bowling" - Govinda 

"Bowling" - Samantha 

"Spy Museum" - Chelsea 

"The impact of historical events in Washington and how they're connected to my life in Canada" - Daniel 

"Flight Simulator in the Air and Space Museum" - Max

"Flight Simulator" - Aman

"Spy Museum and the clear elevator in the Newseum" - Anna

"Rocks, minerals, and geology at the Smithsonian" - Dharma

"Spy Museum, Orioles game and taking selfies"  - Paget

"Lincoln Memorial" - Gobind

"Crime and Punishment Museum" - Julia

"Crime and Punishment Museum" - Gelasia

"Spy Museum" - Tristan 

"Bowling" - Ish

"Improv show" - Navi

"Baseball game" - Indy

I enjoyed keeping up the blog, it was an amazing experience actually having a readership and playing reporter.  Thanks all.  Your children are coming back more worldly, wiser, and I'm sure with plenty of stories.  See you in the TPS parking lot.