Washington Day Five - Quick Update: Return Journey Underway

We left Gettysburg a few hours ago, and we are currently somewhere. I'm looking around for a sign or a landmark, but all I see are trees and road. Oh, we just passed a bush, so that's where we are.

I saw a sign that said Williamsport is about twenty miles away, and we're expecting to cross the New York state line from Pennsylvania in about an hour. At present we're looking at a possible 10:30 eta.

Gettysburg was really cool, the cycloramic painting was possibly the greatest work of art I've ever had the privilege to see. And it must be seen live. It's worth the drive to Gettysburg just for that. Everything else was a bonus.

One of the most interesting points about the battle is that had it gone the other way, had Lee emerged victorious, then there may be two countries still today and it's possibly a possibility that the Confederate States of America could have still been a slave holding state. Washington would have been wide open. History could have taken quite the turn. But that's just an historical thought experiment.

Anyway, I'm thinking about a nap... Or watching some of the Transformers marathon going on on the bus. Also, one final video may be posted prior to our arrival, so be on the lookout for that (depends on wifi accessibility at our next stop).