Good Night Washington - Recap of the Day with Video

What an eventful and varied day!  Breakfast was exactly as predicted - eggs, sausages, cereal, toast, and fruit.  Sure, the meal was well balanced and nutritious, but would it have killed them to have thrown in a pancake or twelve?  With maple syrup?  Do they even have maple syrup in America?  

Since it was Paget's birthday, we sang her a happy birthday and we were on our way back into Washington for the last time.

The day's events began with a really original spy workshop, unlike any work shop I had ever seen!  We got to pick secret agent names (I picked a totally original codename for myself - Bond, James Bond) and the students learned basic encoding and decoding skills.  Since the mission is over, I believe I can talk about it now.  The Spy Museum had been infiltrated by a mole from the Smithsonian.  We were able to intercept one of the mole's codes - Max may have a future in counterespionage as he cracked the mole's message in approximately twelve seconds!

Afterwards, we toured the Spy Museum and learned all about espionage throughout history, and how absolutely vital it has been to shaping world events since the ancient era right until the present day!  Oh, and there was this whole floor dedicated to some James Bond guy, who must have been a master spy because he had the ability to look like six different guys, and one bore a striking resemblance to Sean Connery!

Next was lunch at the food court of Union Station behind the Capital building.  Selection was varied, but the crowd was massive.  Apparently we were not the only school in Washington for trip week.  There were probably at least 10-20 other school trips just in the area for lunch!

The Smithsonian visits had to have been the most academic portion of the one afternoon we had the opportunity to learn about the history of flight, explore data from Mars, touch the moon, the skeletal structures of dinosaurs,  the evolution of mammals, and so much more.

After we departed Washington for the last time, we hit a nice restaurant in Gaithersburg, Maryland before having an evening of bowling.

We might not be the best bowlers, but the students sure knew how to cheer each other on!

Tomorrow we head home, but not without one final stop - The Gettysburg battlefield: the place where the Union finally was able to repel the Confederate army who were led by the brilliant General Robert E. Lee.  It's going to be epic.  See you all tomorrow night!