Washington Day Four - Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

Dinosaurs, mastodons, evidence of evolution, oh my!

The Natural History museum encompasses hundreds of millions of years of the Earth's timescale, with fossils and geological samples from eons and eons ago. It is another humbling experience on this trip, to see our kinship with all these organisms throughout the history of the Earth. It is an absolute and undeniable fact that all life is related.

"We made a genome code. And if we did it another six hundred million times, we'd have encoded the entire human body."

  • Dylan

"It was cool to see that everything was related to us!"

  • Jasmine

"I've never seen the giant squid, I found out it eat other squids, so kind of like cannibalism!"

  • Selena

"I learned that we're all related in some sort of way."

  • Nour