Washington Day Three - An Evening of Improv

Question: What do you call a guy standing up in front of a bunch of kids trying to be funny with no notes, script, or any preparation whatsoever? 

Answer: A teacher? 


Answer 2: Our improv host this evening? 

Ding Ding Ding 

Our improv hosts were way funnier than the above joke. They were able to engage the kids with their ludicrous and interactive sketches involving crazy ideas like Lincoln's beard of bees, getting Nour to reenact Little Red Riding Hood in five seconds, and purchasing a skate board with Nirvana CDs as wheels. 

It was probably one of those events that you really had to be there for. 

On another note, we have arrived at the hotel and the kids are in their rooms celebrating the Montreal victory over the Bruins. We're having breakfast at 7:30 tomorrow before we set out for yet another adventure, and I have a strong hunch it'll be eggs, toast, some sort of meat, cereal and fruit. 

Look for more pics and a video to come up on the blog a bit later tonight!