Good Night From Washington

We've arrived safely at the hotel.  It was a rather quiet bus ride home, though there was some talk about the Pittsburgh Penguins elimination as well as some excitement from the baseball game.  It was interesting to hear Nicholas' analysis of the game, the players, and the event as a whole.  We've got quite the baseball expert among our ranks.  

Tomorrow we have a later start...the wake up call is set for 8am and we're out of the hotel for nine.  Our first stop is the Ford theatre, the site where the great Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Boothe (in 1865 if memory serves).  

Also, just want to wish the Ottawa Trip a safe drive and successful excursion as they depart early tomorrow as well.

Finally, what do the students of TPS do when standing in front of the White House?

They turn down the what.

See for yourself: