Washington Day Two - Quick Update

This morning we did an awesome, though incredibly hot tour around the Washington Mall; the students had enough energy to dance a bit of a dance in front of the White House (video of that tonight).

We hit the Newseum for lunch, an incredible site with amazing exhibits, including a section of the Berlin Wall... Talk about seeing history right before your eyes!

Lunch at the cafeteria in the Newseum was alright too, they had a varied selection...The most popular dishes were the chicken fingers, mac and cheese, and the burger. One student, however, put together a delicious mixed berry plate that looked so good I even got one myself. There might be something to this whole "fruit" thing after all.

We are currently attending a forensics workshop at the Crime and Punishment Museum. The manager has been murdered, and it's up to our team of TPS investigators to crack the case. We have three suspects (the manager's best friend, girl friend, and accountant) and the students are investigating the crime scene (a bit bloody...The murder weapon was a wrench!), collecting finger prints, assessing alibis, and even looking at the DNA evidence. Without doing any of the investigation, I've already concluded it was the accountant.

After we put the accountant away, we'll be heading into Georgetown for some shopping before heading to Baltimore to watch the Orioles take on the Tigers.