We Need Your Help....


Dear Montessori Parents,

We need your help.

There is a Provincial Government initiative under way to replace the Day Nurseries Act. Last week, the proposed Child Care Modernization Act (Bill 143) received second reading in the Ontario Legislature. This proposed law has been brought to the table without any public consultation and, if enacted, will have major ramifications for the operation of CCMA accredited Montessori programs, such as ours at Tall Pines School.

This new Act, as it is written, will have the effect of compromising Montessori education in Ontario, and we are asking for your help in bringing the issues to the attention of our members of parliament, so that changes can be made before the Child Care Modernization Act becomes law.

The new Act does not recognize Montessori or other private schools, and imposes provisions for a ‘common curriculum.’ Bill 143 also lumps Montessori schools in with daycare centres, home daycare providers, nursery schools and other kinds of private schools, imposing the same requirements for all such institutions. The effect will be to eliminate the highly effective multi-age classrooms in Montessori education for children under age 4, and impose day nurseries standards and regulations on all facilities that provide care and/or learning for children of that age. Bill 143 also removes any democratic right of appeal for schools or daycares that are found to not be in compliance with the requirements of the Act, and imposes huge financial penalties.

Parents currently have the right to choose the education they want for their children. The new Act will eliminate the myriad of choices that currently exist. Parents will therefore have no choice in the kind of early learning education they want for their children, and high quality early learning such as provided by CCMA accredited Montessori schools such as Tall Pines School, will be compromised.

 If you believe, as we do, that parents should have the right to choose the kind of education they need for their children, we urge you to review the attached letter, use it as the basis for your own letter, and send it without delay to your local MPPs, opposition members and the Premier, Kathleen Wynne. The more letters are sent, the better. If you have other adults in your family or household who feel strongly about this as well, we ask that they send letters as well.  Many voices will matter, and will be heard.

There is unfortunately a deadline for comments, of February 28th. We therefore need you to act immediately, to personalize the attached letter and to send it via email, (copy and paste it into the email) to the parties listed on the attached sheet;Thank you so much for your help.



Jan Zaharchuk


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