Grade 3 & 4 Invention Convention and Grade 5 & 6 Science Fair

This year's Invention Convention was another example of why we need to cultivate the creativity in these amazing young minds.  Sir Ken Robinson has for years extolled the importance of creativity in school.  Our young inventors once again outdid themselves with the projects.  It was an incredible array of ideas and mechanisms to improve our lives.   Congratulations to all the inventors.



Our Annual Science Fair takes the young minds from the Invention Convention one step further into the Scientific Method.  By allowing the students the freedom to explore science on their terms through a controlled project the students learn the proper way to conduct an experiment and to realize that just because something doesn't work as planned it is a bad thing.  We tell the students that some of the best projects are those that went in a different direction then planned and the student learned something completely new.  Amazing projects and an amazing journey of discovery for each of these students.