The Chicago Gangster Tour!

"When you hear gunfire, you duck." - Shoulders

Shoulders was the gangster who just showed us what was once the seedy underbelly of Chicago. A lot of interesting facts and history of Chicago emerged.

Here's one:

The origin of "being slipped a micky" comes from Micky Finn in the 1890s. Flinn used to run a tavern just outside Dearborne Train Station, where newcomers would arrive in Chicago. Finn would offer a drink "on the house", put a few drops of "knockout" water in the beer, and rob the poor new arrival once he became unconscious! Then Micky's crew would dump the guy up the road and look for the next victim!

Another interesting fact: downtown Chicago is known as the Loop. If you worked and lived in the Loop you were considered important and successful. If you weren't in the Loop, you were a nobody. Hence the term, "being the the loop."

From bullet holes in a cathedral to the exact location police gunned down John Dillinger (aka Public Enemy Number One), the Chicago Gangster Tour was certianly an informative experience!

Now we're headed to the John Hancock Observatory for some viewing of the city. Skies are clear and the view should be wicked cool!