Let's go White Sox

I can't imagine many people visit two ballparks on the same day. However, 38 students can now say they belong to that exclusive club with an afternoon at the historic Wrigley Field and now at the much more modern US Cellular Field.

Oh, do not make the mistake of calling Wrigley Field a stadium. Those Cubs fans don't take kindly to people calling it a stadium. It's a ballpark. No questions. No debate. Ballpark.

The baseball stadium visits were split with a dinner break for some Chicago style deep dish pizza. In Chicago, if you want normal pizza, be sure to ask for thin crust. I don't have any idea what you would have to ask for if you want actual thin crust pizza.

So, here we sit at US Cellular Field, watching a ballgame, the great American past time. What could be more Chicago than that?