What Tall Pines School’s senior students say about the school:

“Tall Pines School has been my home. It was where I learned to read and write, to run and sing, and to think and grow and mature…  I will carry with me for the rest of my life the importance of good leadership, integrity and independence…. I thank you for the love and compassion that saturates every memory of my ten years at Tall Pines School.”
“The school has not only taught me how to laugh, love and learn but it has taught me to have respect for others… I feel like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.”
“I will be proud to say that I came from a school as wonderful as Tall Pines”
-T. E.
“Tall Pines School has taught me life lessons, has helped to shape me into a young man, and has taught me to make the right choices….You see a shining star in every one of us.”
-A. D.
“Tall Pines School has honestly and truly made a difference in my life. It has made me feel confident in taking risks and following my heart… believing in myself whatever I am doing.”
-A. A.
“Self respect, Spirit, Trust, Self-expression, Motivation, Teamwork, Maturity, Integrity, Leadership, Independence, Pride, and Confidence.”
-G. S.
“Tall Pines School has changed our lives in more ways than we can describe. Our parents made the right choice.”
-A. S.

The Difference Our Teachers Make:

To All The Teachers at Tall Pines

My husband and I, wanted to take a moment to say “thank you” and yet that does not seem like a strong enough statement.  

I am not sure that we, as young adults, took the time to realize the importance of our teachers in our everyday lives.  And yet, now as parents, we see how they have a direct impact on our children's growth. As I look back,now I distinctly remember the names of those teachers who helped me grow, taught me to laugh at myself and helped me see the potential in myself

 As parents, we have seen our children grow up in the wonderful world of Tall Pines.  We have seen them develop into individuals who have an appreciation for their community and acquire a curiousness about WHY things are the way they are.  We have seen both Matteo and Emilio open their minds to possibilities,  to challenges and question the status quo.

 As parents, knowing that we could bring our children to a school everyday into an environment where their values were based on integrity; the nurturing of a community; the focus on learning; the strive for excellence; and the learning of the social aspects of respect to others being just as important as to respect themselves. These all being an extension of the same beliefs practiced at our home.  

 My husband and I wanted to thank each one of you that have been involved in encouraging, mentoring, influencing and teaching our children. Your kindness. Your empathy. Your patience. Your care and your concern have not gone unnoticedBoth Matteo and Emilio will remember that you took the time to listen. That you stopped to ask them how they were.  They'll remember the laugher. They'll remember the experiences and they too will remember the teachers that helped them grow and tap into their potential! 

 At the end of the day, what has mattered is each of YOU from Casa to the Zone.  Thank you for being a part of our children’s lives in helping them grow as individuals.  

Thank you, we will miss you guys!!

Matteo, Emilio, Joseph and Bianca


“We have bonded like siblings… Tall Pines School has shaped me into the leader I never would have imagined I would have become.  Thanks to the warm and caring environment you have created at Tall Pines School, not only have I acquired great leadership skills and made many good friends, but I have also become a better person.”
-J. C.
“The main thing that I learned is that I should always strive for excellence.”
-A. P.
“Tall Pines has shaped who I was, who I am, and who I will be…. I am ready to face the world.”
-V. R.
“…My maturity level keeps growing. My confidence level still keeps growing. I am going to miss all the teachers at this lovely school.”
-M. C.
“Mrs. Zee said: ‘Great things come with Great Responsibility,’ ” …. I will never forget the memories of Tall Pines School”
-T. L.
“You taught me how to believe.”
-S. S.
“Thank you for the wonderful memories.”
-A. G.
“The most significant thing about Tall Pines School is the wonderful people here. They have helped me to strive to do my best and have boosted my confidence.”
“I have learned to be able to state my opinions and stand up for what I believe in.”
“My loving teachers have propelled me.”
“All of my teachers have been so caring and so kind.”
“I now have the courage to make new friends.”
“One thing that changed me the most is the trust between friends, students and teachers… which taught us to take responsibility, be loyal to our friends, and become leaders.”
“I have learned how to stay organized and concentrate on work.”
“Montessori has introduced me to an amazing, diverse and unprejudiced world.”

“At my old school, the teachers didn’t really care about you…. At Tall Pines, we are a family. We always hug our teachers and we all get the help that we need to stay academically strong. This school cares so much more than any other place about the students and about the staff. Tall Pines has changed my life and I just wanted to say thank you.”
Madeleine G.


My Memories of Tall Pines School

Ever since the moment that I first walked through the doors and into the welcoming arms of Mrs. Gail Taras, my Toddler teacher, I knew there was something special about Tall Pines School. That was over eleven years ago and I will soon be graduating and going on to high school. Tall Pines has been a 'family'-like environment that is perfect for any student to grow up and learn in. There is a bond between students and teachers that has almost been like a mother-son connection for me. This is because all of my teachers have been intuitive and caring, and they have treated me as an equal even though they have more authority.
Tall Pines teachers allow their students to develop many useful skills as well as academic knowledge. One great example is conflict resolution. IF classmates have disagreements with one another, we're taught how to resolve our problems. We can work it out on our own and learn very valuable lessons from it. Tall Pines is more than just a well-staffed school, however. The superb Montessori program that is offered here provides something that my teacher likes to call "freedom within boundaries." As Montessori Junior High students, we have the freedom to sit wherever we choose, have discussions on most points of the day, and even listen to music or cook our own lunches. But when it comes time to work, no-one needs to be told to sit down and be quiet. We just do it. It is not out of fear of punishment that we do this, but rather because of the mutual respect and trust between ourselves and our teachers.
One of my favourite things about Tall Pines School is that my classes have never been boring. I get up every morning looking forward to school, not just to see all my great friends, but also to enjoy the many hands-on learning experiences that our teachers have planned for us: cooking on Tuesdays; going away for our leadership Odyssey; performing in the annual school musical; participating in our largely undefeated sports & athletics teams; learning AIM French, as well as enriched Art, & Music; writing our own plays; sewing costumes; working on a local farm; or visiting seniors in a nursing home. We are given lots of ways to experience life in ways we might not expect we'd get to see. Without a doubt, my years at Tall Pines School have been the best times of my life to date.
In my eleven years here, Tall Pines has provided extensive opportunities for me to challenge myself, to make commitments, to grow as a leader, to work as part of a team, to respect and make friends with others, and most of all, to live life to the fullest. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who holds those qualities dear and would like to give their child the optimal learning and growing experience.

Jacob H.

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What Tall Pines School’s parents say about the school:

A parent’s dream for their children is to see them happy, confident and thoughtful of others. This is how I see my son and I believe the supportive and nurturing environment Tall Pines School provided him in the past 11 years has played a very significant part in this. The School’s atmosphere of calm, order, respect and fun has taught my son to find those qualities within himself. This has been a real blessing.

I remember we were attracted to Tall Pines by the Director’s pride and passion, which was obvious throughout the whole school. Administration and staff have consistently demonstrated a positive and joyful energy in their daily interaction with students. Consequently, my son has grown and thrived in the loving and close-knit community that Tall Pines School has fostered.

My son enjoys school and has reached his academic potential. Tall Pines teachers are committed to each and every student's success and project a sense of pride in their students’ work. Over the years I have seen ample evidence of daily planning, a variety of teaching strategies, assessment practices and personalized instruction. The School is well equipped, uses cutting edge materials and has implemented computer, French, music and art education early in the curriculum. Dedicated staff and small class size encourage and nurture academic excellence, and provide valuable study and life skills. Tall Pines also offers varied and stimulating drama, cultural, sport and recreational programs which have truly enhanced my son’s overall experience. Recently, in his grade 8 year, my son embraced one of his most memorable and enriching Tall Pines experiences to date: a trip to France, Austria, Switzerland and Germany!

As a parent I have benefited from the involvement that Tall Pines encourages. It is a friendly and cooperative community. I have been so impressed by the depth of understanding and respect shown to all families. I highly recommend Tall Pines School to any parents wishing to provide their child academic excellence coupled with high standards of social development and cultural awareness. I can’t believe my son is leaving Tall Pines this year but I am absolutely confident that he is well-prepared and eager to succeed in secondary school and the world in general. The learning, memories and friendships developed at Tall Pines are priceless to us and will always be cherished.

Joanne Roy, Parent

Mrs. Elaine Flett, we are writing to tell you that you have touched our lives very deeply. Through your example, compassion and standard of excellence, you have truly shaped the lives of all four of our children. They are great citizens because you lead your school in a way that set a high standard for them. The children met that high standard through your kind encouragement and guidance.

Behind every organization is a great leader, and you are that amazing leader. We are so thankful for all that you have done for our children and our family. Your love of life-long learning has made such a difference in our lives. Tall Pines School is a safe, nurturing environment that makes children feel loved, respected and cared for; the very things that we value at home.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the life-long gift you have given us that will carry on in our family for generations to come.


Sunita and Kishore Asnani

We would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Mrs. Gulshan Haji. [Kindergarten/Grade 1]
We are very fortunate to count ourselves among the parents whose children have been in Mrs. Haji’s class.
To our daughter, Amanda, Mrs. Haji gave the confidence and encouragement she needed to emerge from her shell. Amanda entered the school year as a very timid young girl, uncertain of herself and her capabilities. By March, under Mrs. Haji’s guidance, she had progressed to the point where she was chosen to play the central figure in the kindergarten play, in front of an audience of hundreds, at Lester B. Pearson Theater.
With our son Alex, Mrs. Haji displayed great patience and understanding. Alex was a very strong willed boy who, before entering Mrs. Haji’s class, preferred to focus on individual, logical activities such as building puzzles, and less on social interaction with his peers. This concerned us… that he would not develop normal social skills.
As the year progressed, through constant communication with Mrs. Haji, we learned that Alex’s ability in math was being allowed to flourish at the same time as he was developing proper social skills. For Mrs. Haji, they were different parts of the “whole” Alex and that each deserved to be nurtured and celebrated in their own way.
Despite the inherently diverse characteristics of our two children, Mrs. Haji allowed them to grow in the right direction at a critical time in their lives. In short, our children are not only better students, but are better people for having been in Mrs. Haji’s class.
Respectfully yours,

Dunia and David Dellio

Mrs. Flett, I am sure that when you created your vision of Tall Pines School you perhaps didn’t realize just how much of an impact it might have on the world.

Your Leadership Team is remarkable. Just look at the heights they are willing to go to, for the kids. You must be very proud of your Eagles!

Tall Pines isn’t just a pathway for learning, it truly is a foundation for life’s journey. Every day I am grateful that Thomas has had the opportunity to be taught and nurtured in such a wonderful environment.

Thank you for creating your vision. It has changed our lives.

Fondest Regards,
Carol-Anne Schneider
(Mother of Thomas, award winning artist, and scholarship winner.)

Our son is a bright, enthusiastic, gregarious boy who loves sport of all kind, yet his previous scholastic environment was anything but supportive of these characteristics.
There were adjustments that had to be made to make this a successful transition, but essentially, our son’s experience at Tall Pines School has been nothing short of wonderful.

All academic classes were stressed, with rigorous studies. Students were expected to organize themselves in preparation for high school. They were also encouraged to participate in open discussion and debates, and the principal guides her staff and leads the children by example – firm rules with a loving hand. And, the staff are always welcoming and very cheerful, no matter how many times a day I call to find out about one thing or another.

My son has such a love for sports – which previously was for him like a man in a desert without water. He was starving for sport, and then along came Mr. Bozanovic.
Our son was blessed to have his insightful instruction and genuine support. Mr. B. teaches sports with a passion that he shares unselfishly. What a rare gift.

I believe the young graduates to have learned a lot this year, and their tutors and mentors can find comfort in the fact that the character of the students is a result of the examples set before them every day at Tall Pines School. This has been a year to remember, and a year never to forgot.

Karin and Tom Bremner