Our three French teachers provide instruction in AIM French to students from age 18 months and up. The Accelerated Integrated Method, designed by educator Wendy Maxwell, has been in use in top private schools all over the world for over a decade. Students learn gestures that accompany vocabulary, they learn songs, skits and plays, all of which develop their skills in the French language. Through the program, new vocabulary is internalized quickly, and through constant oral expression, students develop a facility with the language very quickly. In the elementary grades, French becomes a written subject as well, and by the time they graduate, the students are highly competent at written and oral expression. 


Beginning in the preschool programs, music is taught as a way of self expression, and a way for the class to cooperate. Singing all together, making joyful sounds and moving to the rhythm, are the aims for very young children. As they grow and develop, more complex rhythms, note reading and finally the choosing of instruments, leads the students into becoming prepared for high school music programs.

State of the art twentieth century learning means that information technology is incorporated into the elementary music programs, so that students know and understand how technology can enhance their understanding of music theory, while they are building the skills they need to play an instrument with enthusiasm and proficiency.

Physical Education

Building strong bodies leads to health and wellness, as well as brains that work well. Regular physical education classes, intramural and interscholastic programs teach the children the rules and better understanding of various team sports and help them improve on fundamental movement skills in order to pursue healthy lifestyle. Swimming lessons provide safety around water, something that is essential in Canada. In the winter, skiing and snowboarding lessons allow the students to feel the joy of the Canadian outdoors. Sports teams also participate in many league competitions, exhibition games, and tournaments through the Small Schools Athletics Federation (SSAF). Tall Pines students have a formidable reputation for coming home with medals and pennants!


Self-expression through visual art is a great tradition at Tall Pines School. Beginning in pre-school, there are craft and art activities provided on a regular basis, and then in Grade One, students experience the specialist Art Program. Two dimensional and three dimensional art are explored every year through project work, which is often coordinated with, and integrated into the academic studies of the classroom. Art history gives the children knowledge of, and appreciation for, the great masters of art from all over the world, but especially from Canada.


Information technology is quickly becoming the heart of twenty-first century learning.  Whether you are using a fixed desktop computer in the classroom, the computer lab, or a wireless device, safe internet access enables learning in many different ways, through a number of different portals.


Reading is the foundation of learning. Our library is stocked with thousands of books for research or pleasure reading, for both children of all ages, and adults alike. 

Extended Care

Before and after school care is available from 7:15 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Children are cared for with creative activities, outdoor play and sports. Snack time happens after school.