Making Waves Swim School has been voted the #1 swim school in Brampton by Brampton Guardian readers and is proud to be hosting the Tall Pines School Water Safety Program. Making Waves offers fantastic, experienced instructors, small class sizes and a warm, friendly learning environment.

Each water safety lesson is broken into three main instructional categories: Water Safety, Swimming Instruction and Supervised Games. 

Water Safety 
Students will be exposed to a number of important topics including Pool Rules, Boating Safety, when to contact 911, where and when to swim and much more. 

Instruction is on the Red Cross Learn to Swim program. This is a ten level program starting from basic swimming skills in level 1 or Sea Turtle (pre school program) to advanced swimming techniques in Swim Kids 10. All instructors are fully qualified and trained in Small Steps Instructional Techniques. Using this technique allows each student to progress at their own individual pace, a method ideally suited to group lessons. 

Educational Water Games 
Educational water games will be facilitated by the swimming instructors during the last few minutes of each class. The games will encourage and challenge the children to practice the skills they have learned during the instructional part of the lesson. 

Casa Program 
Students over the age of 4 will be swimming for 45 minutes each week, beginning in September and ending in June. Students will receive 2 progress reports and a final report card over the course of the year. A Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Badge will be awarded with the final report card upon successful completion of each level. 

Lower Elementary & Jr. School Program 
Students will swim for two, thirteen week sessions from September to December and March to June. Students will receive a progress report and a final report card each session. A Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Badge will be awarded with the final report card upon completion of each level. 

Parent Observation Days 
Parent Observation Days are an excellent opportunity to see your child swim and receive direct feedback from their swimming instructor. Parents will be notified by the school the week before Parent Observation Days are scheduled. 

For more information on this program, or other Making Waves programs please call (905) 455-SWIM (7946) or go to their website at