Primary (Ages 9 months to 6 years)

The Extended Care program at Tall Pines School is basically a social environment. Children are encouraged to develop their social skills in an environment that has similar social expectations to their classroom, but has a variety of creative toys instead of Montessori materials. Mrs. Wanda Bajon is the supervisor for the Primary Extended Care class. 

At Tall Pines School, our environment is built upon respect for oneself, others and the environment. The Extended Care area is the same. The children are expected to work on mats or a table, not to disturb the activities of the other children, and to play in a manner that is respectful of others. They are also expected to return their materials to the shelves so others may work with it. The children also enjoy the songs, finger plays, snacks and crafts in the Extended Care program. Children often do not want to go home, they enjoy this program so much. 

Television viewing is limited to Friday evenings when the children may choose to watch an age-appropriate video so the staff can wash the toys and materials weekly to ensure sanitary conditions for the children. 

Mrs. Bajon has her ECE certificate and has worked with children for years. She has a number of assistants, depending upon the number of children enrolled.

Junior (Ages 7 to 13 years)

Ms. Pam Barnwell is the Supervisor of the Extended Care program. Along with her team of assistants, she also provides a social program for the older child. This program engages children in social activities more appropriate for this age group. This includes creative activities including board games, crafts and a variety of sports. The children also have snack and play outside every day, weather permitting. Once again, TV is not permitted. Children develop many and long-lasting friendships in this program. Television is limited to a movie on Friday afternoon. 

A homework room is also provided with a supervisor so that children can complete their work before they go to play. 

Children in this program may also participate in the many extra-curricular activities of Tall Pines School, subject to their signing in and out when appropriate.

As in the Primary Extended Care program, all classroom expectations are also present in the Junior Extended Care program, with respect for oneself, others, and the environment at the top of the list.