New York: Final Post and Quotes from the Trip

So, we're back in Canada! It was a great trip, with great experiences and adventures! If anyone was actually reading this blog, I hope you enjoyed it! 

Here's a quick quote from all of the students about the trip: 

Tanishqa - "We got to bond more with our friends and we got a new experience that we're probably not going to get again. It was fun!" 

Fiza - "I think it was an amazing once in a life time experience and it helped us find much more while having fun."

Kabir - "It was mesmerizing!"  

Kamilah - "The sites were mesmerizing, and I was happy I got to share that with my friends. Every night was a sleepover and I made new friends. It's a trip I'll never forget."

Emma -   "It was fun spending time with my friends and making new ones." 

Talya -  "The funnest part of the trip was watching the waves (on the river cruise)."

Eddie -  "New York was much bigger than I expected and I wish I was there longer." 

Michael -  "The trip was so fun, because we did different things each day." 

Shubegh - "I think the trip was really cool because we got to see so many new things. I just wish it was longer." 

Jasmine - "I didn't know how much fun I could have with all my friends." 

Amr - "It was an extraordinary experience for a person that's never been there."

Nicholas  - "It was an amazing experience going around to different places and shopping."

Maliha - "New Yorkers are rude!"  

Viruthika -   "New York food is really good." 

Madison - "It's my last spring trip with Tall Pines. It was my best spring trip with Tall Pines."

Naomi - "If you're in the middle of a sandstorm, close your mouth."  

Teresa -  "Bye New York, I had a great time

Arpan  - "The lights will inspire you."

Arik -  "It was an experience of a life time!"  

Ranveer -  "I really like the enthusiasm of this trip! I recommend it." 

Naveen -  "It was truly amazing!" 

Angad -  "It was amazing!"  

Sahil -  "Amazing American experience!"  

Nithira - "It was terrific and happy I made it through Times Square." 

Meagan - "The highlight of my grade eight year was the New York trip, where I made memories I will never forget." 

Neisha -   "It was an amazing experience with my friends that I will never forget."

Pahul -  "A once in a lifetime opportunity!"  

Jessica -  "A lot of dust went in my eyes, but other than that, it was a great experience!" 

Maya -  "I learned a lot of history on this trip." 

Shreyaa -  "Umbrellas are the key to success." 

Harkaran - "I really enjoyed the street performances at Times Square." 

Arnav -  "The views from Manhattan were splendid!" 

 Karan R. -   "I learned how horrific 9/11 was."

Jesse -  "Go and see the Statue of Liberty." 

Devin - "It was an experience that I'll never forget." 

Armaan -  "It's marvelous!"

Jamie -  "I've always wanted to visit the Statue of Liberty and now I have." 

Dilraj - "New York is an experience I will never forget and I would love to come again."

Adam -  "It was about the opportunities, not the weather." 

Emma D - "I really enjoyed the food in New York."

Sayyad - "The New York silhouette was elegant!" 

Jack - "Best experience of my life!" 

Simran - "I was a great experience and the Broadway show was really good!" 

Baily -  "It really felt like a city of dreams!" 

Karan M - "New York, an educational, experiential, exciting adventure. I mean, what more could you ask for?" 

See you in an hour.