New York: Day Two - Breakfast

Captain's (Teacher's) Log:  Stardate 15052k18

The crew of the Enterprise (the students of TPS) have arisen and enjoyed their rations (breakfast buffet consisting of standard fare...eggs, breads, bacon, cereals, maybe fruit, etc) in the mess hall on deck 1 (the hotel banquet room).  

We have set course for alien space (Manhattan), and though it is only a few light years (miles) away, the wormhole (Lincoln Tunnel) to the planet (city) is bound to slow our progress.  

Our chief environmental officer (the weather channel) predicts a scorching hot and humid day with temperatures expected to feel like 32 with the possibility of a rain storm later in the day.

We do spend a good amount of time in Central Park today, so hopefully the environmental irregularities (rainfall) comes when we're inside the MET.