New York Day One: Lunch and Glass

We have just enjoyed a pretty okay lunch and a wonderful tour of the Corning Glass Musuem.

Lunch had a variety of were some of the less popular:  salads, stir fry, rice and dal, and other dishes that could generally be considered "healthy."

However, the following items may not exactly win any contest in the health food categories, but they definitely prevailed in popularity today:  chicken fingers, pizza, macaroni and cheese, cheeseburgers, and chicken wings. 

The Corning Glass Musuem is actually quite remarkable. The building is massive (and if I heard correctly, it cost $80 million to construct...anyone want to Google that and get back to me?) and the glass artwork was stunning! 

Now we are on the interstate until NYC (with the exception of a bathroom stop or two).

The afternoon movie (as selected by the students this time):  The Greatest Showman. Such good music.

 ETA at the hotel:  1930h