Good Night from NY

Houlihans Restaurant. New Jersey. There were a ton of options for dinner, but I'm pretty certian of three things:

 1.  The Chicken Finger option and BBQ ribs options were by far.... the most popular. 

2.  American portions are massive.  This isn't a stereotype. It's true. All of it. 

3.  The students ate most of it. Thus, either the food was really good, or they were really hungry. My guess is a little of both. 

After the brief walk back to the hotel (it was closer 30 seconds than it was five minutes), the students retired to their rooms for the evening. We have private security is patrolling the halls until our wake up call at 6:30 a.m...they're all safe... You ain't don't gotta worry 'bout nothing tonight!

 Till the A.M...a few dinner pics. 


 *Bonus - Anyone watch the Office? If yes, then this might mean something to you (if no, please disregard this concluding sentence and accompanying pic).