New York: Day One

Teacher's Log Stardate 14052K18:

Space. (New York)

The Final Frontier. (kinda the first frontier really)

This is the Voyage of the Starship Enterprise (our bus) on its five year (five day) mission to explore strange new worlds (Manhattan), to seek out new life and new civilizations (Times Square), to boldly go where no one has gone before (with the exception of the 60 million tourists that visit New York each year).

Anyway, our ship (bus) has departed the Starbase 001 (Tall Pines School) and is on route towards the Apple Nebula (New York City).

We are headed slowly towards the border, as there appears to be a great many other starships (cars and trucks) along this interstellar space route (the QEW). Actually since I began my log (blog), the space traffic (actual traffic) has cleared.

We estimate another hour before we reach the intergalactic inspection station (the US-Canada border).  This log will resume upon successful entry into the American sector (New York State).

Live Long and Prosper.  (See you Friday)