Grade 4-6 (Days 2&3)

Finally enough signal to post up some notes.   

The weather has been spectacular.   It's been over 30 degrees and super sunny.   All of which means lots of time at the lakeside. 


The students have been swimming for hours at a time.  The Stand Up Paddleboards and kayaks are very popular.  Mrs. Swail-Duke has been running SUP yoga for any students who are interested and the students love trying to do a headstand on the board.


The Grade 5 students, paddled over to the island for lunch and a swim this morning, while the Grade 4's were rock climbing.   There are so many "Landsports" (basketball, tennis, beach volleyball, street hockey, soccer and baseball) for the students to play.  The Grade 6's enjoyed a morning of water sports and "Landsports" before getting ready to hdead off for their over-night camping trip tonight. 


We'll sadly pack up tomorrow morning and be on the road by 1:30.  Watch this Blog for updates about our arrival time at the school.