Quebec Day Three - The Copper Musuem and Lunch

What happens when copper isn't lacquered?  It turns green. 

The Alberta Giles Copper Musuem is more of an art gallery than a monument to copper the metal, and therefore much more interesting place to see. 

The stop was interactive, as the students got to make their own copper engravings. A lot of them decided to draw the Bat symbol, among other things. Pics/video on the museum will be posted tonight. 

Next was our lunch stop, a quick bite at area with fast food options.  The most popular option was McDonalds, but the Thai Zone (I imagine they serve some variety of Thai food, but I could be wrong), Tim Hortons, and Subway were also chosen for lunch. Now, we're on route to dessert - a magnificent ice cream place - it's a bit out of the way on Ile d'orleans - but apparently totally worth it.  Because if there's anything we need more of, it's sugar! Oh, just noticed there's no sarcasm emoji.  

While I was typing, the bus arrived at our location and the students who wanted ice cream got off the bus. I'm sitting on an empty bus.  



Oh, there they are.  

Oh, there they are.