Quebec Episode III: Upper Canada Village

The village was exactly what you might imagine a village from the 1860s to look like.  The students enjoyed touring the old town, including hanging out with the 2 week old calf and seeing that medicine has really come a long, long, long way since that colonial era.  Not much WiFi available though, but it wouldn't matter much if there was... The websites of the 1860s were pretty much all text...the camera was relatively new - instead of Facebook, they just had Book. 

 Lunch was at the Upper Canada village cafeteria, which had plenty of options to ward off scurvy. 

Interesting side note for the history buffs (skip to the end if you're not one) - the village is right beside Crysler's Farm, the site of a major battle between the British/Canadian forces and the invading American army during the War of 1812.  The Americans had overwhelming forces as they marched towards Montreal in 1813 and we're met at Crysler's Farm by a much smaller British/Canadian force. However, the battle did not go well for the Americans, who were stopped in their tracks and sent in retreat back to the States. That sort of event happened a lot during the 1812 conflict.  Don't invade Canada. 

We are now on route for next stop (Drummondville in Quebec) which is approximately 2.5 hours away.